I always look forward to sleeping in on Saturday


Then the thought of the farmer’s market pulls me from bed

The vision of vegetables in bountiful array thrills

And then,

if I remember to bring a canvas bag I am just so damn proud of myself!

Oh the choices!

Will it be plump ripe tomatoes heavy in my hand and smelling of sweet tangy heaven?

Or firm zucchini each one softly curved and rounded?

Maybe ground cherries,each with a whispery husk that reminds me of a paper lantern?

They have a soft sweet taste like nothing else I know

Perhaps a variety of greens that I will try for the first time, having just now decided that I must have them!

The growers,

the farmers

smile gently

They are a connection to the earth

a filament reaching to me

They smile, or look a little serious,

but are always ready to answer my many questions

To teach

Once I saw my friend A.J. there

He was helping Eric sell his salsa and mushrooms

Those mushrooms, what are they called, the ones I like so much?

clamshell or pearl something?

I can’t remember the name, but always recognize them

Same with people…

Anyway, I was so happy to see my friend

Young enough to be my son,

complete with beard and dreads

With him I am comfortable

like family

or the way we wish we felt with family

not the frustration of feeling 12 again but rather the ease of being with a kindred spirit

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