The following is the start of a series that will feature the writing of five Grow Meadville service members employed to manage gardens in the City of Meadville this summer. The program is organized by Creating Landscapes Food4Thought.

Video : Grow Meadville Director Taylor Hinton and Service Member Meghan Willis talk about the Grow Meadville Summer Program.

Today, we managed to clear the weeds away from where the fire pit is stationed. I very much did enjoy the refreshing time outdoors.

The sun was bright, which complimented the mild temperature. While weeding, my eyes sought after the plants with flowers.

Weeding can be a fun game when there is variety. A bright, little flower with oval leaves grew my way. The flower’s color was a familiar dark blue. This blue was that of the darkest shade perched in the middle of the sky. Clouds usually cover it, but today the color was visible.

To me, the flower’s scent was not a weed’s smell but perfume. The smell was so sweet it tempted me to pick some.

Having been exposed to the nature of the garden, I could possibly give a description. The MARC gardens essentially are a way to bring people good food and to teach people how to grow good food. It provides garden beds for $20 to $40, yet there are plots where anyone can work.

Volunteering is much appreciated, since a large garden has many jobs to be done. Gardeners share tools and tricks on gardening methods. This system is very practical and very beneficial for those who use it.

Not only does this garden house a variety of plants, this place is welcoming to everyone. All are welcome to come and learn or to eat.

Author : Cailey Metter | Picture Credit : Senna Camp