This Is the second in our series featuring the writing of five Grow Meadville service members employed to manage gardens in the City of Meadville this summer. The program is organized by Creating Landscapes Food4Thought.

Grow Meadville Blog – June 22nd, 2020

Working at the Liberty House Garden and the Creative Landscapes one, you can really tell what sets these two apart from the other gardens. These spaces are extremely accessible for the neighborhood and are large enough to provide an abundance of food.

Photo Credit | Senna Camp

The Liberty House Garden had tall, bountiful pine trees that gave us lots of shade. The beds here had many weeds, yet after our combined efforts three of the five beds were cleared. It was very satisfying to have completed a task.

The Creative Landscapes Garden sure was a hidden gem. I had never seen this garden before, since it was nestled in a lot close by Second District School. The garden had an array of plants and a very welcoming community. They seemed to have treated us as if we had been workers there for years.

Rain was called for, though the weather let us finish our work. Thick white clouds caught the rain, only letting a few sprinkles down to cool us off.

These two jobs held a great sense of importance, since within this garden everyone was genuinely happy to meet us. While working, we could see many people coming out to help or to chat. I may just be innocently looking at it with the eyes of an outsider, for the garden does take lots of time and patience. Yet, all of the colorful furniture and large spaces for growing seemed to be already filled with the hopes of good food. 

Author | Cailey Metter
Video : Service Member Meghan and Service Member Cailey talk about the MARC Garden compost area.

Grow Meadville Blog – June 28nd, 2020

It was nice working alone. Tomato trellising is a welcome change to weeding. We almost finished the cabbage covering but we ran out of fabric (and pins so we used sticks #resourceful). Then AGGRESSIVE THISTLE MITIGATION. The bed I weeded one week ago was back on track with basically the same amount to pull. 

Also, worms are cool. The fact that they get stressed out makes me so SAD though. Worms are supposed to be the ideal animal but they get stressed just like us. 

There’s a nest floating in the dogs water bucket, the air smells of cilantro (coriander), and a butterfly just flew past my nose. 
Meghan and Cailey almost completely finished clearing the compost of weeds too – kudos to them.

Author | Senna Camp