This Is the fourth in our series featuring the writing of five Grow Meadville service members employed to manage gardens in the City of Meadville this summer. Make sure to check out the cool video about beetles (yikes) after Cailey’s blog update!

Blog update from Cailey Metter

Yes it was hot again, but the fan on my neck provided me with a breeze. It may just have been my imagination, though. I think the neck fan did its job. I love the City Gardens for several reasons. One reason is that they are all spread out like branches on a tree. Same with tree limbs, the gardens all go their separate ways, yet they meet in the middle through the people who tend to them.

Meghan cut back the mint, then did some cleaning in the shed!

The orchard is right in front of a busy street. I felt as if I had entertainment while weeding through all of the different cars rolling by. Despite the trees, trash still found a resting spot. I don’t think passerbys would purposely throw garbage into a place where weeds should be the only trash. No, I hope that these plastic artifacts are only runoff from busy life. Other than that, it is a nice space for everyone to come and relax. A lady next door, Hannah, was nice enough to grant our group extra water and ripe cherries. Meg was nice enough to craft a “thank you” card. The rest of the day passed by like most do in summer: fun and sweaty.