Whew! 5 weeks of cool updates featuring the writing of five Grow Meadville service members. This week, our service members get punny in their video from around the gardens, bring you update on visiting new gardens, and a special bonus, The Compost Chronicles. The program is organized by Creating Landscapes Food4Thought.

The Compost Chronicles

Now, all seemed to be doing well in the community of branches, dirt, and weeds. A very rich community it was becoming. Underneath the top-soil a utopia is being constructed. Nothing can stop the flourishing palace of worms, except the wood fence which acts as a barrier. Most do not know about the city they can not see. On top, the dirt looks rich, yet not very interesting. Though down deep the bugs we toss aside rise to power. If a human were to come inside this city, they would be considered plainly inferior and tossed aside. No human could outpower the centipedes, or so the centipedes believe. Humans are nothing more than a fluffy leaf that has gracefully fallen off of a centipede’s tree. Ah, the sunlight shines onto the compost warming it. Here in this city, so much alive, there have been many systems made. An example is a system of class.

Yes, it is titled, “The Compost Class“. The most esteemed are the centipedes. They dash around town in tuxedos that have a pant-sleeve for every leg. They rose to the top by a natural order, the centipedes say. Their occupations are many, for their legs let them multitask far superior than humans can. A centipede doctor will never need an assistant for they can reach any scalpel in the room. Despite this, there are many uneasy feelings about the centipedes within the Compost Community. “Scum-bag centipedes,” as the others say. Their many legs can act as ruthless fangs when they make a business deal. Centipedes can be the mob-bosses or the sneaky criminal behind a hypnotic smile. They are only on top, since they break bug’s hearts like humans break bread. Centipedes will never retreat, they will never forgive, and they will never be anything but greed. 

Next, would be the worms. Some say worms make birds’ beasts when they are taken for food, since worms never go down very easily. Worms are a highly interesting species. Based on my experience, worms have very unique personalities. They range as follows: the average joe worm, the rocker worm, the lazy worm, the helper worm, the hippie worm, the farmer worm, and the artist worm. Any worm makes a great actor. Any switch of a personality they could do in an instant. I have seen the laziest worm act like a gold-medalist runner, or the sassiest worm turn into an angel. These unpredictable squirms always make for entertainment. If you plan on making a worm your companion, do start with caution. For who knows how this species truly acts? Is their friendliness really the truth or just another one of their heads? My theory is that their uncanny talent is due to their ability to regenerate their head. When you cut a single worm into two, both pieces are alive and will grow back. Oh, the worms are truly two-faced. 

     The members of the third-class are the snails. Yes, sadly this is predictable. Slow and dull, this case is not very exciting in court. They do have their beautiful shells, which many use to model. Though snails are very friendly, much like the dogs of the human world. Many centipede families keep a snail as a pet, except this is highly illegal in Soil City. After the snails come the micro-micro organisms. These are generally the servants. There is an abundance of them within the city. Speaking to them, I have quickly gained their trust and I have given them my sympathies. These are the most expressive, caring, and talented of any other class. They were only pushed to the bottom by the mere force and terror of the centipedes. I have talked to a few micro-micro organisms who have ambitions of taking over from the centipedes. We must pray that they do. Finally, the most demeaning position one could be in is to be a bird. Yes, these creatures are not necessarily a part of the city, but they are hated just the same. The birds do scoff at their placement, since they know they are powerful, strong, and feared by the mass of the city. The centipedes were the ones to place themselves on top and the birds last. They do this out of pure fear. In their minds, if they can convince the people that they have some strength over the birds, then they can restore an order. A centipede is exactly the same as any other bug, they just know how to smile and place shame. Do not worry, many cities have been corrupted and left for the citizens to clean and many citizens have gotten tired of cleaning up. For now, the birds let the centipedes have a protective ego, one that lets the bugs ignore the facts. One day, the birds will destroy the heartless centipedes. That day I hope to be ready. Ah, what a delightful city this is. So much chaos, fire, and flame. The destruction here, the centipedes can not even tame. Here, you are either a believer or a beast. Well, in the bird’s eye it is all a feast. 

Week 5 – Visiting New Gardens!

We visited new gardens this week! The Allegheny garden was familiar to me, but the Women’s Services and the 5th Ward gardens were not. It was a reminder for me that if something doesn’t directly affect you, it’s easy to pay no mind to it. For example, I’ve never interacted with Women’s Services, and I’ve never had to walk though 5th Ward for any reason. Therefore, visiting the gardens today reminded me that it’s easy to get caught up in your own little world and stay where it feels “normal.” However, taking the opportunities you are given to expand upon your personal horizon can be vital to opening doors for yourself.


During the Grow Meadville job this summer, I’ve had the chance to meet and listen to what some community gardeners have to say. Many of their comments were positive, but they also talked about challenges they face running the gardens, such as not enough money, lack of help, and always just a few too many weeds. All of these community gardeners are broadening their own horizons, and others, while they keep the gardens running through all of these tough challenges. As more people learn about the gardens, the gardens have more opportunities to receive help. This expands the gardens’ horizons, but also the horizons of people who work at the gardens and the people who find the gardens.

People’s horizons are broadened by the gardens of Meadville, and that is a pretty awesome thing to think about.