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North Coast Flight School will be starting its annual AERO CAMP on June 11th 2019 until August 1st 2019 for kids ages 12-16. Kids will get to learn the fundamentals of aviation and begin working toward an aviation career. AERO CAMP consists of 4 separate Camps. Camp 1 is for kids aged 12 who have NO prior knowledge or experience in flying. It will provide an introduction to aircraft instruments and flight controls, radio communications, an intro to aviation weather, a 15 minute flight over Presque Isle, and introduce several other facets of the aviation career. Camp 2 is for kids aged 13 who have been through Camp 1. Camp 2 is a continuation of camp 1 as we dive much deeper into knowledge areas covered in camp 1 and begin reading charts, plotting flights, and using flight computers, flying flight simulators and begin working on FAA written test questions. Camp 3 is a continuation of camp 2 and is geared toward young students that show a high interest in obtaining a pilot’s license. In this camp students will receive approx. 2.5 hours of loggable flight time and are given a log book as part of this camp. Students with no previous experience are welcome however the youngest (or if under 14yrs.) of this age group are encouraged to take Aero Camp 1 first. Camp 4 is where young aviators really start to fly! This camp is for students committed to earning their private pilot certificate. Students in camp 4 will also receive an additional 5 hours of flight time with an instructor. Students will also begin prepping for their FAA written exams. Students may purchase additional flight time if desired. Camp 5 is a full on, 8 week private pilot ground school designed for the student who is or soon will be actively flying and working towards achieving their Private Pilot’s License. This group will receive ALL books and necessary materials for the completion of the written pilot’s exam; in addition this group will meet three times a week. Pre-Registration begins March 1st. For more info or to register please call North Coast Flight School at 814-434-0875 or visit us at http://flyerie.com/aerocamp.html