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Hosted by Lee Scandinaro
Come play around with us.
Meet new people.
Give us your money.

Do you think you have what it takes to become the next star of SNL? If so, try out your improv on the Gardner Theatre stage. Wednesday Open Improv night at the Meadville Council on the Arts.

Each night is a good mix of seasoned performers, and newer comedians trying their hand at improv for the first time.

You have two options for Open Improv Night you can Play, or you can Watch!

For those who want to Play:

Whether this is your first timer or you’re a veteran, Open Improv night will be a chance for you to:

Learn new games
Meet new improvers
Do Long form improv
Do Short form improv
Get time on a real stage
You just want to Watch? – AWESOME!

Improv needs and loves an audience
Come watch us play
Get to see the area’s best up-and-coming performers
Great venue with a concession stand
Who knows you may want to play later…
But wait, you are part of an Improv troupe? PERFECT! We would love to have your troupe.

Donations Accepted!