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Light refreshments served at 7pm with presentation starting at 7:30pm.

Underwater naturalist Keith Williams shares his adventures of exploring and discovering the underwater world of our mid Atlantic region rivers and streams in this engaging free presentation.

We often perceive that there isn’t much to see beneath the surface of our nation’s freshwater rivers and streams, but once we look underwater, an amazing world appears. Fish of incredibly diverse colors, shapes, and behaviors live in freshwater ecosystems. The streams themselves create other worldly, breathtaking streamscapes, giving humans willing to submerge themselves the opportunity to witness incredible ecological feats such as thousand-mile fish migrations, predator-prey interactions, or the vibrant-colors of mating displays. The underwater world of our rivers and streams is unexpected, largely unnoticed, and amazing!

Keith Williams is the founding Director of Education, and is the current Executive Director at NorthBay, one of the largest outdoor education programs in the U.S. He has a B.S. in Environmental Biology and M.S. in Ecological Teaching and Learning from the Lesley University Audubon Expedition Institute. He has developed river snorkeling based science curriculum, and established river snorkeling programs for non-profits and the U.S. Forest Service. Keith has led thousands of people on river snorkeling adventures. His first book on river snorkeling, “Snorkelhead, Adventures in Creek Snorkeling”, was published in June 2016. His second book on river snorkeling is due to be published by Stackpole in 2020.