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There are few of us that have not been touched by the impact of drugs and alcohol or know someone that is dealing with a person they love with an addiction. In an effort to help our community know how to respond to those that most need our support and love we have invited the following groups to present their work and help us better understand what we can do to make a difference.

Understanding Drugs & Alcohol Today

Stepping Stones Unit of the Meadville Medical Center

The Stepping Stones program in Meadville, PA, offers both residential and outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. Serving the area surrounding Meadville, Stepping Stones not only treats the individual but offers family counseling as well. Here are some of the program details.

Not One More

At Not One More we provide drug awareness, education, and support to those affected by drug abuse and addiction.

Hope for Healing Hearts

Support group for any family or friend dealing with loss from addiction or family members in addiction.

Concerned Parents of Crawford County

Support and Planning group for parents wanting to help their children cope with the suicide and drug problems in Crawford County. Our goal is to set up a support group for youth to come together to find healthy ways of dealing with their problems and the peer pressure and bullying they face. You can share any problems or concerns you have for your child freely on here as this is a closed group.

We plan to offer a series of programs addressing the concerns and needs of our community and this is the first in that series.