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Swine Time for Alzheimer’s

Meadville Meadville

Join Team Forget Me Not Meadville and several local businesses and community members as they lead the fight against Alzheimer's and work toward the first Alzheimer's SURVIVOR! June is National Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month and we have EIGHT local contestants working

City Meeting – Planning and Zoning Commission

Meadville City Building 894 Diamond Park, Meadville

The Planning and Zoning Commission primarily makes recommendations to Meadville City Council on items such as subdivision requests, zoning amendments and other planning issues. On occasion, they are charged with drafting documents such as the Comprehensive Plan, Parks Master Plan or Zoning Code.

Yang Style Tai Chi Class

Meadville Council on the Arts 910 Market St, Meadville

Each class consists of a session of light stretching, followed by a session working on a variety of Tai Chi Forms, and close of class with several different Qi Qong Exercises.

$6 – $45

Tai Chi Flow Class

Meadville Council on the Arts 910 Market St, Meadville

Description: We guide you through the steps to achieve mindfulness of body, soul, and mind. Research shows that tai chi can help people dealing with fibromyalgia symptoms and chronic pain. It is also documented that it can reduce stress anxiety, improve balance,

$6 – $45